Saturday, January 24, 2015

Mr. Murray Goes to New York....Commissioner Silvers European Vacation!

We're a little late to the party....but for those who hadn't heard; Seattle Mayor, Ed Murray took a trip to New York in search of basketball team and a hockey franchise in an effort to get a shovel in the ground for Seattle Arena in SODO area. It's a bit of a surprise as the Mayor's been quiet on this subject. His predecessor, Mayor Mike McGinn was a huge proponent of a Sonics resurrection and was in constant communication with Hanson, Ballmar, and the NBA. Murray's been a bit harder to figure out so his appearance in New York served to show both leagues Seattle wants back into both leagues, is serious about the arena and remind both leagues of the market they could be in (consider some of the terrible markets with existing NBA and NHL franchises).

While Commissioner Silver still seems interested in the Seattle market he (to his credit unlike his evil predecessor) was straight with the Mayor. Our market is attractive to the league, but there is no current expansion plans nor team relocating. As a side, he seems a little fixated on the European Market if expansion were an option (because who doesn't want to dump billions of dollars in an unproven market as opposed to a market with 41 years of prosperous NBA support~Sarcasm implied).

On the flip side, the NHL appears not only interested in our market, but came to Seattle last year on a bit of a fact finding mission during the Phoenix saga. NHL Commissioner Garry Bettman was quoted recently:

"We are very keen on bringing an NHL team here, and the commissioner recognizes the value we would bring as home to a future franchise. We will continue to work toward that shared vision."

 The issue with this is two fold: 

  1. Modification of the MOU for a Hockey first arena
  2. Willingness of Chris Hansen to agree to build the arena for Hockey and Basketball use maybe we need to collectively tell the NBA to puck off for now...we're going NHL....but we're willing to open up our arena to you once you have the balls to expand.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Go Hawks!

Buckle up Sonics time to play Next Team Up! Bill Simmons tweeted earlier today the Atlanta Hawks could be on their way to Seattle. 
On Friday, minority and majority ownership agreed to sell the franchise. Ownership has taken heat in recent months for racially insensitive remarks and up until this season, the Hawks have struggled on and off the court. Ironically, the Hawks are off to their best start in several years and ticket and merchandise sales have risen as a result and while Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed has vowed to keep the team local; both Chris Hansen and a new player, Thomas Tull are rumored to be placing seperate bids, but both for Seattle.

We are well acquainted with Chris Hansen and many of us view him as owner of our Sonics-to-be. However, Thomas Tull is a new name and like Hansen appeared out of nowhere. Tull is CEO of Legendary Pictures; involved with films like the Man of Steel and upcoming Jurassic World. He is also part-owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers. This is something that could lend serious credibility to the NBA BOG as he is already involved in Pro Sports ownership.

Some may ask why not join forces? Since we are a Sonics conspiratorial site...we offer our take! Consider SODO already in progress. The NBA knows this. They are aware of Chris Hansen's ongoing efforts and of course new BOG alliances in the form of Ballmer. Enter, Tull as a seeming competitive bid....this shows multiple interests from Seattle. In the end....we believe this is an endgame....Tull nearly a billionaire, replacing Ballmer and working in the shadows with Hansen as one entity; acting as two to lure the NBA and Silver here to either bring us team (we still feel this is highly unlikely) or expansion.

Stay Tuned!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

In Milwaukie...the Bucks stops In Seattle!

Back from exile, Bill Simmons during the NBA season previews reminded viewers of the NBA imposed deadline of November 17, 2017 for Milwaukee. This of course concerns new Bucks owners of their promise of a new NBA-ready arena for the Bucks or else the NBA can reclaim the team.

 Once again, Seattle was mentioned as a possible destination. The Bucks who's game attendance frequently ranks towards the bottom of fan attendance, faced the spectre of Seattle prior to it's recent sale. Will the Bucks stay....or do the Bucks stop in Seattle? Stay Tuned!

In the meantime....

Friday, July 18, 2014

GM Jackson...A Gold Star for OKC....

....not a Gold mark! So here is my shout out to the NBA, Commissioner Silver, the Thunder and designer. While the sting of losing the SuperSonics never ends, kudos to the powers that be to not include the championship gold tag on the Thunder uniforms. The gold mark is placed on NBA team jerseys that own an NBA title. This of course sparked conversation amongst Seattle and OKC. Does OKC claim Seattle's 1979 championship? Can OKC and the league office handle hordes of angry Zombie Sonics if it does? Fortunately, the right move was made. Thanks!!!

Remember the Phil Jackson GM rumors in Seattle? In Phil Jackson's new autobiography he confirms he was indeed tapped to lead the new era of the green and gold. Oh, what could've been.

Friday, May 30, 2014

As the Ballmer Bounces Part Deux

If at first you don't succeed...try, try again. Such is the mantra of Ballmer's pursuit of NBA ownership; a man courted by former commissioner David Stern, but denied twice as it pertained to saving our team from "him who should not be named" (rhymes with Jay Mennett) and attempted relocation of Sacramento to Seattle. With Clippers ownership all but assured Ballmer; appears to have achieved his dream.

For Chris Hansen, the Nordstrom's, Wally Walker and the City of Seattle, it appears Ballmer has left the proverbial building. Reactions from a region with 41 years flushed by a Venti-Sized D-Bag (rhymes with Soward Hultz) are understandably negative. Gone is our greatest bargaining chip. Ballmer was not just "our whale", but THE WHALE pursued by the NBA for years to "join the club". During negotiations for the relocation of the Kings as good as Hansen was, the NBA BOG and Stern showed a greater interest in Ballmer and one has to wonder why Ballmer would bolt unless Seattle's NBA odds of return were not that good.

Taking a long view; in a city filled with Ballmers one has to believe another will rise to take his place. On an NBA BOG; our city gained another ally. In the short view we took an enormous hit and can only wait for the consoling words of Chris Hansen that "he has a plan" and in the wise words of holographic Princess Leigh, we plead; "help us Chris're are only hope."

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

As the Ballmer Bounces...

Ballmer...the NBA Owner
While this news is a little dated; it was reported last week Ballmer's not given up his pursuit of NBA ownership. With no team in sight for Seattle, the image of Commissioner Silver and Ballmer court side at the Clippers game fueled speculation Ballmer could be in line for Clips. However, the team would stay in Los Angeles clouding the Supersonics ownership situation.While some were quick to panic; a Ballmer ownership could be more of a win for Seattle's expansion chances.

Consider nothing done before, during or after the Kings the saga was not done without thought or strategy. Adding Ballmer to the NBA Board of Governor's gives creates another voice in favor of Seattle. This could be another end game for the Hansen/Ballmer/Nordstrom/Walker team and with the vast wealth of Seattle, there could be another person waiting to step into Ballmer shoes to complete the vision.

Ballmer and the Hat Man!
This is a little more from the world of the weird as Ballmer's been named in a lawsuit over the failed relocation of the Kings.According to former Sonics and Blazers employee Steve Gordon; Ballmer offered financial assistance to Mr. Gordon as part of deal including Gordon receive treatment for depression. The suit appears frivolous and Ballmer has 20 days to respond.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Seattle Clippers?

The Kings are...well....the Kings of Sacramento. Kohl backed up his words and proved the Buck(s) indeed stop in Milwaukee! The latest rumor has NBA expulsion of owner Donald Sterling and a Clippers relocation to the Emerald City.

In case you missed it, Donald Sterling was (allegedly) caught on tape with some not so lovely things to say:
Commissioner Silver asked Sterling to not attend today's (Sunday) game and promised an investigation into the matter. Sterling's no stranger to racism as he was involved in a lawsuit not wanting to rent to minorities back in 2006.

The NBA cannot force an owner to sell their team. They can make it uncomfortable for Sterling (ala the Maloofs) in hopes of forcing a sale. That does not mean Sterling would approach Hansen/Balmer/Nordstrom/Walker for said sale. However, relocation of L.A.'s second NBA team to a market with 41 years of history supporting the Supersonics does make sense on certain levels:
  1. The NBA rids itself another troubled owner
  2. The NBA solves the Seattle-Expansion-Relocation issue and finally brings Balmer into the fold.
  3. The L.A. Lakers and Bus family enjoy sole ownership of the LA market.
Stay tuned!