Monday, July 20, 2015

Yup. Seattle really Pucked up

It's been eight long years without the Sonics. It's been 100 since the first American Stanley Cup winners, the Seattle Metropolitans hoisted the trophy. It's been one long week for one of potential three or four potential ownership groups to place an expansion bid. In the end; crickets. Seattle, Tukwila, had one job; secure a team, build an arena. The NHL WANTS this market. You said no. With the MOU teetering on expiration and an ever-shifting Seattle political climate, is SODO over? The Bucks stopped on Milwaukee. The NBA isn't expanding. Balmer loves LA. Vegas is building an arena. Hansen has no interest in the NHL. Yes folks...the glass isn't just half empty; it's shattered.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Bring Back Our Metropolitans!

After 2 long years, the Environmental Study is done! Now the ball...or in this case...the puck is in Chris Hansen's court. With no NBA expansion insight and despite the faltering efforts of Milwaukee to build the Bucks arena; Seattle, namely Hansen mustn't shun an eager and willing NHL opportunity to pass him (or us) by. The next step in the process is modification of the MOU to allow a hockey first scenario (barring the Bucks situation further deteriorates making them Sonics 2.0). Mayor Ed Murray spoke with NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman this past Thursday and the league is willing to work with investors beit Hansen and SODO or the Tukwilla group.

Meanwhile at, despite the league's "lack of interest" in the Seattle market, their site displayed our updated arena progress as a top story.

If we build it....the NBA will come; but first let's bring back those Seattle Metropolitans back and get that 1917 Stanley cup Banner hoisted in the rafters!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tukwila Sonics!!??

After two years of rumors, plans for a privately financed arena in Tukwila emerged today. Behind the Tukwila effort is RLB Holdings headed by former oil trader Ray Bartoszek. Also involved in the Tukwila effort is former Sonic Downtown Freddie Brown and HOF Bill Russell. Bartoszek was behind the efforts to purchase and move the Phoenix Coyotes to Seattle two years ago. With the land purchased and plans drawn, Bartoszeck has contacted NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman. While the NBA has expressed it's desire to return to Seattle; the NHL is the more likely option in the near future. Bettman has met with Seattle Mayor Ed Murray regarding SODO and has made it clear Seattle is a destination the league wants to call home. Remember, Seattle is site of the first American Stanley Cup champions; the defunct Seattle Metropolitans.

The real question now is how this affects SODO and the efforts of Chris Hansen.

How does the Tukwila arena affect SODO? free polls

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Silver Lining Turns to Rust....No NBA for Us!

It's only been 7 years since the last league ball bounced at Key Arena, but for former SuperSonics and their fans alike, it feels like 17 years. Today Commissioner Silver (again) addressed the issue of Seattle and it's absence from the league. In his address to the media, Silver stated expansion would not be discussed for at least 2 to 3 years. He also does not believe relocation of a franchise is likely either (in spite of rumored funding issues with Milwaukee). With the MOU teetering on expiration, where does this leave Seattle and the future of SODO?

While the Port of Seattle and Mariners ownership appear hellbent to stop the Arena, the FEIS is on schedule for completion by May7. This opens up discussions of an NHL-first MOU, supported by King County Executive Dow Constantine and Seattle Mayor Ed Murray. Hopefully NHL expansion is on our doorstep; hopefully, the Sonics return shortly after....

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

No Team...No Problem...

NBA team? We don't need no stinkin' NBA team...or NHL (yet) for that matter. Mayor Ed Murray made it abundantly clear he's all in on SODO being built. Be it the threat of competing local arenas in Tukwila or Bellevue or the push in Las Vegas to acquire an NHL franchise; Mayor Murray announced the EIS will be done by May 7, 2015. He also took the discussion a step further stating the MOU could (and should) be modified for an NHL team. While the NBA appears in no hurry to fix the mess of former Mayor Nickels, David Stern, Clay Bennett and Howard Schultz; the NHL is at our doorstep knocking. As the first American city to win the Stanley Cup (See Puck Yeah! Part 2) it's time to reclaim Seattle's hockey roots! As much as we need to #BringBackOurSonics; it's time to #BringBackOurSeattleMetropolitans!

For video of the Mayor discussing this, check out the link below:

Monday, February 16, 2015

Puck Yeah! Part 2

As our NBA hope remain on life support...barely; hockey, namely the NHL appears on the verge of a rebirth. Yes, in case you didn't know, Seattle, among it's many championships boasts a Stanley Cup awarded to the Seattle Metropolitans in 1917; defeating the Montreal Canadiens. This was the first American team to win the Stanley Cup. They would play in 2 more Stanley Cups; 1 cancelled due to a Spanish flu epidemic and another; losing to the Ottawa Senators. To add to the lore, Seattle was also known as the loudest of all hockey arenas (somethings never change).

Fast forward a century later, Seattle is on the verge of an NHL rebirth. Mayor Ed Murray wants the SODO arena project accelerated, showing his commitment to the completion of an arena project. He's traveled to New York and met with both the NBA and NHL to gauge interest. The NHL appears very interested. As SODO moves like molasses through the enviromental process, Bellevue, Tukwila and Auburn with their own investors are ready to court Bettman and a league that wants us.

What about the NBA? Adam Silver is reminding us of the old commissioner...and that's not a good thing. As Seattle and questions of a Sonics return frequently come up ala relocation and/or expansion; Silver continues his mantra of no new teams and no relocating teams in any foreseeable future. We think he's watching and waiting for our arena. If we build, we believe they (the NBA) will come. Until that time...puck the NBA, bring on the NHL. Go Mets!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Mr. Murray Goes to New York....Commissioner Silvers European Vacation!

We're a little late to the party....but for those who hadn't heard; Seattle Mayor, Ed Murray took a trip to New York in search of basketball team and a hockey franchise in an effort to get a shovel in the ground for Seattle Arena in SODO area. It's a bit of a surprise as the Mayor's been quiet on this subject. His predecessor, Mayor Mike McGinn was a huge proponent of a Sonics resurrection and was in constant communication with Hanson, Ballmar, and the NBA. Murray's been a bit harder to figure out so his appearance in New York served to show both leagues Seattle wants back into both leagues, is serious about the arena and remind both leagues of the market they could be in (consider some of the terrible markets with existing NBA and NHL franchises).

While Commissioner Silver still seems interested in the Seattle market he (to his credit unlike his evil predecessor) was straight with the Mayor. Our market is attractive to the league, but there is no current expansion plans nor team relocating. As a side, he seems a little fixated on the European Market if expansion were an option (because who doesn't want to dump billions of dollars in an unproven market as opposed to a market with 41 years of prosperous NBA support~Sarcasm implied).

On the flip side, the NHL appears not only interested in our market, but came to Seattle last year on a bit of a fact finding mission during the Phoenix saga. NHL Commissioner Garry Bettman was quoted recently:

"We are very keen on bringing an NHL team here, and the commissioner recognizes the value we would bring as home to a future franchise. We will continue to work toward that shared vision."

 The issue with this is two fold: 

  1. Modification of the MOU for a Hockey first arena
  2. Willingness of Chris Hansen to agree to build the arena for Hockey and Basketball use maybe we need to collectively tell the NBA to puck off for now...we're going NHL....but we're willing to open up our arena to you once you have the balls to expand.