Sunday, February 23, 2014


We've been down this road before.

1st and goal from the 1.  Then KJ, Sacramento, India stuffs us at the goal line.

Plan B for the Phoenix Coyotes.  Then a 6-3 vote by the Glendale City Council saves the Coyotes.  For now.

And here we are again.  This time the NHL is calling again.

I've held my opinions for the most part.  Call it gun shy, call it scared, a fear of being burned again.  But here we go again.

I worked hockey for 7 years in the Tacoma Dome.  The Tacoma Rockets and the Tacoma Sabercats.  I love the game.  It's one of those sports that is not a TV game.  It's an in person game.  And people that go to a game fall in love with it immediately.  In high school I once took a Scottish exchange student to a game in Tacoma.  It was the Tacoma Rockets vs the Regina Pats.  And this normally reserved boy stood up (we were seated behind the net) and was upset with a call by one of the officials. (his last name was "Dick" as his name was on the back of his referee jersey)  And my friend, clearly frustrated at a call against the Rockets stands up and yells at the top of his voice "Dick prefers Regina!!!!"  Yep.  It changes people.  This friend is on my Facebook.  I'm wondering if he will read this and remember this...

So here is Geoff Baker of the Seattle Times.  With a series of articles.  And it's bothered me how it has had a sense of "It's a very good chance but not a slam dunk.".  There was a weird sense of confidence to it.  And it didn't quite make sense.  The city of Seattle sending a group of 30 to Vancouver for a meeting with the Vancouver Canucks, to watch a game, to meet with the city, It has momentum, but I haven't wanted to get on the bandwagon yet.

Until this morning, things changed.

Geoff Baker says the name "Steve Ballmer" on a Canadian radio show as being the "Third ownership group" that the NHL is speaking with.

The NHL would bend over backwards to get Steve Ballmer in their club.  And frankly would be bending over backwards to get him if they crammed out an expansion team to begin play in 2015.  But they want Ballmer.  The NHL wants Seattle.

And it may be a master maneuver for Steve Ballmer and Chris Hanson in their pursuit of the NBA.

The hangup?  Where would they play?  They would play in Key Arena for a season, maybe two.  Worst case scenario in Tacoma.  But doesn't the MOU require an NBA team first?  Yes.  The MOU is about legal rules, who is responsible for what, financials, etc.  But the thing is, it can be the right scenario.  If "Joe Blow from Toronto" wants to put an expansion team in Seattle for the NHL and goes to the city to change the MOU?  They have to run his financials. Do his background checks, vet him completely, to avoid potential conflict and risk.  Steve Ballmer has already done this.  If Steve walks in and says "I have a team, we need to change things." he is going to get cooperation.  And most likely positive cooperation.

So the Environmental Impact Study is due out in March.  What about that?  Well frankly, I think people have talked, and they know how it is going to go.  There is a bonfire around the corner puffing out smoke.  And you know what the saying is...where there is smoke there is fire.  And if there was going to be a problem with this EIS?  The park ranger woulda come over a long time ago to put this fire out before we reached this point now.

And you have a have an arena...and you have the NBA realizing it's time to get their butts in gear and join the city in returning to Seattle.  Or at least that's the hope.

But until then?  The NHL will do just fine.  Mr. Ballmer is sitting at the chess board.  He has made his move.  And it was a solid one.  Will he win?  I like to say I believe so.

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Welcome to Leverage Town Part 3...Our Silver Lining has turned to Rust

Only two weeks ago; David Stern abdicated his NBA throne to Adam Silver. The Lombardi trophy was hoisted by our mighty Seahawks. The national media (unprompted by Seattlites) discussed possibilities of a Sonics return. We were on top of the world! Today (for basketball fans at least); Adam Silver knocked us down a bit; stating there are no (Seattle) expansion plans at this moment.

Seattle once again serves as leverage (the NBA boogey-man, if you will). After great success extorting Sacramento; Silver seems content employing the same scheme all over again; this time to our friends in Milwaukee. Unlike last time though; Seattle is aware of this trick. Barring a change of heart (or some legally binding guarantee) H/B/N/W will not be party to it. To the folks of Wisconsin; the city of Seattle does not want your team! Do not believe Silver, the BOG, or some rogue journalist. Seattle only wants what was taken. We want the Sonics! No, OKC; we don't want "your" team! We want a brand new, history/baggage-free expansion franchise. We only ask our old presoiled/Clay Bennetted history be restored. Is that too much to ask?

The time is now. The MOU window closes in the next 2 years. Politicians change and with that so does the political climate. With failing franchises and pipe dreams of foreign markets; doesn't it make sense to return the NBA to a successful market with 41 years of a proven, profitable track record? 

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Ode to an Odious Man. Goodbye David Stern

There was a man named David Stern.
So much to do; Bridges to burn
Teams uprooted on your watch
You smirked you mocked and then you talked.

We never forget. We never forgive.
We always remember what you did.

You took our team. You stole our heart.
Schultz sold us out. You played your part.
You sold us out to OKC; Our fans were crushed
You laughed with glee.

We'll always remember. We never forget.
Don't tell us to get over it
Until we see our green and gold; we'll never stop; we';ll never fold.

We're Sonics nation; we won't stop
Until we see the Round Ball drop.

Goodbye Mr. Stern.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

On 12-for-12s Tuesday Talking Fantasy Football!

Had a great opportunity to talk Fantasy Football with 12 For 12s host Paul Beyer tonight! This is a great show I highly recommend our followers add this to your listening cue!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Chris Hansen Speaks!

As reported last week:; an old enemy armed with a new name, a sparse website  (sadly reminiscent of those old free geocities sites), and the same old baseless claims was out to wow the newly elected mayor and city counsel to stop the Sonics and pat themselves on the back.

Today; Chris Hansen posted a concise and pointed rebuttal to the Sonics Without Subsidies gang and Seattle Times editorial board:

As our friend, Mike McCann pointed out on Twitter, there's not much Hansen can do other than what he did tonight which is fight fiction with fact..
As Hansen states in his rebuttal; this group (and the Times editorial board) are regurgitating the same propaganda in hopes facts be damned, the public goes along with their misinformation and they get their way. While the "get your own way" tactic can be cute as a 5 year old, it's sad when you're 55. Maybe Green and Gold nation can pool resources and find these folks a new hobby to occupy their time. How about a puzzle drive? 


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

We Have a New Enemy...

...we couldn't help the Star Wars quote.

It's basketball season again. With the NBA season a few weeks old; Seattle once again sits courtside. With the election of a new Mayor and changing of city council members; Sonics nation faces uncertain times. Couple this with little mention of an NBA or NHL expansion any time soon; and Seattle can only hope in hope.

We (now) have a new enemy (or rather same enemy; just cloaked in a new identity). Welcome: Sonics without's a mouthful, we know and conveniently introduced itself post election. With McGinn out of the picture, this group plans to lobby the new mayor and city council members in hopes of swaying them to change or rescind the MOU...or else they'll sue. At the heart of the claim is that Chris Hansen is getting over $731 million dollars in subsidies funded by us the taxpayers via the loss of property tax and they have an assortment of spreadsheets and PowerPoints to prove it. They are also citing I-91 (an expired, but never rescinded initiative), passed in the mid-2000s which in short prevented public funds being used to finance stadiums. Remember Chris Van Dyke...the guy who defended the greatness of the Kingdome and was against Safeco and Qwest Field....this was his revenge piece. However, in his defense, it was passed during the Clay Bennett/Sonics/Stern extortion years.

To read (or comment...please do) Sonics without Subsidies (very) no frills site is here: